February Gluten Free Deals @ amazon.com – Pasta, Soup & Broth

Another month, another set of gluten free deals @ amazon.com.  If you aren’t taking advantage of buying gluten free items in bulk from Amazon, you should really consider it, as the savings are significant over health food or grocery store prices.

Here are the deals for this month – Pasta, Soup and Broth!

Mrs. Leeper’s Pasta

Mrs. Leeper's Gluten Free Rice PastaIf you haven’t tried Mrs. Leeper’s pasta, you are missing out on one of the best gluten-free pastas on the market.  I have tried Mrs. Leepers corn pasta and rice pasta,  and both are very good.  My personal tastes and perspective are confirmed by the high ratings these products receive on amazon.com.

100% of Mrs. Leeper’s brand pasta is gluten-free.

Possible savings on Mrs. Leeper’s Corn Spaghetti:
Grocery store price: $3.09/package.
Amazon Price (40% off): $1.65/package.
Savings: $1.44/package

Pasta keeps for a long time – stock up and save!

Save 25% on a regular purchase or 40% on Subscribe and Save purchases (you can cancel Subscribe & Save at any time – no risk).  Visit amazon.com now and use coupon code PASTA345.

Pacific Natural Soups and Broths

Free Range Chicken Broth Gluten FreePacific Natural puts out a great line of natural broth products.  They have vegan vegetable broths, organic broths, low sodium broths, and most importantly gluten-free broths!  Broth is one of the best food items that a person with gluten sensitivity, intolerance or Celiac Disease can eat – broths are nutrient rich and the nutrients are readily available to the body, even in people with villous atrophy or other intestinal damage.

100% of Pacific Natural Broths are gluten-free.  Many of their soups are also gluten-free.  Check this page on the Pacific Natural website that describes which of their products are gluten-free or free from other common allergens.

Save 10% on a regular purchase or 25% on Subscribe and Save purchases (you can cancel Subscribe & Save at any time – no risk).  Visit amazon.com now and use coupon code PACIFIC7.

Parting Advice

Because both of these deals are significant, Amazon’s selection of items from both manufacturers may vary.  Check back frequently to see if additional products become available.  Right now I notice that Mrs. Leeper’s Rice Spaghetti is not showing as available, however in a week or two it may again become available through this discount program.

Also, please note that when you purchase products from amazon.com using one of the links above, a portion of your order will go to support Celiac Disease research.

Enjoy your gluten free savings!

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