Pantry Transformation

When my husband got the news of his celiac disease I was in the middle of making tacos for dinner. He looked at the taco seasoning ingredients which clearly listed “wheat”. So I quickly browned more meat and tried to make a recipe from scratch. Just before I poured in some chili powder he checked and confirmed there was wheat in that also! It was then we realized our pantry needed a total transformation.

We took everything out and wiped down all the shelves. We contacted companies to determine what was gluten free. We went shopping.

There is now a small cupboard where we keep anything containing gluten, and a designated counter top to prepare any gluten food. I prefer to use glass or stainless steel when cooking because they clean up so well. Anything porous that you have used with gluten in the past should be tossed. I kept my pizza stone, but I line it with parchment paper before I make his.

Cross contamination is a serious problem for glutens. It only takes 20 parts per million to give them a reaction!

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