Marie Catribs

Today we had lunch at Marie Catribs. Although it wasn’t our first time there, it was my first time back since this gluten free journey began.

I was so impressed by the selection of gluten free breads, soups, salads, sandwiches, granola, desserts… everywhere I looked I saw GF!! It’s all over the menu and she also has a great little store for you to take it all home!

She brought around cookies while we waited to be seated. When she heard my husband needed gluten free she said with a smile, “I’ll be right back.” and she was! Bringing along a delicious peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie… yum!

I called ahead to let them know we’d be there today and Marie made us a loaf of gluten/yeast free bread. The taste and texture is amazing! It’s comparable to a white bread, and went really well with the GF lentil spinach soup and sweet and sour cabbage soup which we ate before our meals.

Marie comes to the Gluten Free Food Fair so don’t miss your chance to meet her. She’ll probably bring in some samples too. :-)



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