Gluten Free & Food Allergy Friendly Recipes


We are a couple living in a gluten-free world.

After many years of undiagnosed health issues, my husband found out he had Celiac Disease in 2009. As a bread lover myself, I was challenged by the cure – to stop eating gluten for life.

Going Gluten Free has been a great adventure here in our house.  We’ve tried many recipes and products that are just awful, but we have learned that going Gluten Free doesn’t have to be bad these days – there is a plethora of products and information available.

Being food lovers, we are using this blog to share with you some of the best recipes that we’ve tried. We look forward to sharing and discussing with you – and helping you Rise Above Gluten.




  1. Your mom sent me a link to your website. I will be back often. I appreciate learning from those who are going before me. I am not Celiac, but gluten intolerant. I cannot believe the difference going gluten-free has made in my quality of life.

  2. Brenda Hansen says:

    I’am gluten free now. I would like to borrow some of your Reciepes ThankYou .

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